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The New Year is the ultimate symbol of change.

People commonly set goals around fitness and physical health, but some health goals are more subtle than that and yet, equally as important. These would be the goals for mental health.

Remember the timeless phrase, “mind, body and soul” — in order to truly be the healthiest version of yourself, you need to take care of your mind, body and soul. Fitness is just one piece of the puzzle, mental health is another. 

How you see yourself, talk to yourself and treat yourself matters; how you process your thoughts and feelings matters. If you aren’t sure where to start with taking care of your mental health or need some goal-setting examples to figure out how to incorporate mental health goals into your New Year resolutions, you’ve come to the right place.

Why is setting goals important for mental health?

The benefits of goal setting on mental health are vast. They can range from helping you to organize and prioritize what matters most to you, all the way to helping you implement intrinsic, long-lasting change in your life.

Additional benefits of setting mental health goals include:

  • Clearer direction, progress measurements and purpose
  • Greater focus and increased productivity
  • Better decision-making and more assertiveness in your life
  • Stronger motivation and inspiration to keep going
  • Improved self-image and confidence levels 
  • A more positive perspective on your life and the world

Every person has a purpose, but so often we get caught up in going through the everyday motions of life that we forget to strive for something greater than our comfort zone.

Goal setting is important because it awakens a purpose within us. Purpose gives us meaning, and finding meaning in ourselves and our lives is essential for improving our mental health.

Examples of mental health goals

Here are three goal-setting examples to keep in mind as you consider which goals you want to personally set and achieve in the New Year.

1. Learn to say yes and no

We often cause ourselves unnecessary pain, drama or stress when we aren’t able to authentically, wholeheartedly give a “yes” or “no.” If you find yourself sheltering within your comfort zone, challenge yourself to say “yes” to things more often in the New Year, to explore new interests, meet new people and evolve your personhood.

On the other hand, if you struggle with people-pleasing tendencies and find it difficult to say “no,” challenge yourself to do so more often in the New Year. Remember that saying “no” can be done in a completely kind, loving and honest way. Give yourself permission to let go of the need to be liked by everyone or make everyone happy.

2. Practice forgiveness and compassion

Did you know that holding onto anger and resentment negatively impacts your physical health? Holding onto these emotions significantly raises a person’s risk of developing mental health disorders, behavioral disorders and physical health issues (heart disease, high blood pressure and even chronic physical pain) according to a study by Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Forgiveness is not just about saying the words, though. It is a conscious decision to let go of the wrong that has been done to you (regardless of whether or not the person “deserves it,” as it can be argued that none of us do).

It’s important to note that forgiveness does not dismiss the wrongfulness of action, as many incorrectly assume. You can forgive someone and set a boundary at the same time. You can forgive someone and also recognize they are a toxic influence in your life that you don’t want to be around anymore. Learn to forgive deeply — yourself and others.

3. Invest in yourself and your health

Investing in yourself looks a little different for everyone, but it’s a powerful way to remind ourselves we are worth it (whatever “it” is for you). If you don’t like your current living situation or city, consider moving; maybe it’s time to start saving for a vacation you’ve been wanting to take; perhaps you’ve always wanted to start a business and now is as good a time as any.

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to invest in professional support. Maybe you’re feeling directionless in life, so you hire a life purpose coach; maybe there are some unhealed childhood traumas that are still impacting you today, so you start going to therapy. 

Receive personal support today

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Using a combination of traditional services and alternative treatments, High Focus Centers believes in using a combination of treatment modalities so as to provide full-spectrum care to our patients. 

No two people are alike, and that’s why each treatment plan is personally tailored to meet you where you’re at, as well as take your individual needs and goals into consideration. We’re here to help you build the happy, healthy life you deserve.

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