Eating Disorders

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Common Causes of Disordered Eating

June 2, 2021|Eating Disorders, Mental Health|

Disordered eating refers to any type of unhealthy eating behavior that could be physically or psychologically harmful. Not to be confused with eating disorders, disordered eating is simply a warning signal that something is wrong in your relationship with food.  What Is Considered Disordered Eating? These unhealthy behaviors are more common than you might think. In fact, most adults in America have at one point practiced disordered eating. Here are some common unhealthy food habits: Extreme fad diets Yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuations Skipping meals to compensate for overindulging Overeating to cope with difficult emotions Labeling foods as “good” or [...]

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Support Eating Disorder Recovery

January 16, 2019|Eating Disorders|

For more than 8 million Americans who suffer from an eating disorder, the road to wellness can be long and complex. Even if you’ve received treatment for an eating disorder, it’s still possible to relapse into familiar and dangerous patterns. While there will always be temptations along the way, you can maintain control by making smart decisions. Here are a few healthy lifestyle choices you can make to support eating disorder recovery. Accept Yourself the Way You Are Is stress one of the triggers for your eating disorder? With today’s constant media barrage, it’s easier than ever to get a [...]