High Focus Branchburg NOW OPEN!!!

November 1, 2013|News|

Over the past 20 years, High Focus Centers has developed an empirically validated model of structured outpatient treatment and has provided elite behavioral health and substance abuse services to individuals in Central and Northern New Jersey.  At this time, we are very proud to announce that our new Somerset County site in Branchburg, NJ is open and we are accepting patients!  Specialized programming is in place for both adults and adolescents: Adult Programming Psychiatric Intensive Outpatient Program Partial Care Program Trauma Intensive Outpatient Program (Opening date TBA) Substance Abuse Day Intensive Outpatient Program Evening Intensive Outpatient Program Young Adult Program [...]

HFC Adapts to Fit Community Needs

October 20, 2013|News|

The grey area between inpatient and outpatient treatment presents a “gap” in services for many patients who are not a good fit for either level. For nearly 20 years, High Focus Centers (HFC) has provided partial hospital (PH) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for the “in-betweeners” – patients who need more than one session per week, but do not meet criteria for inpatient treatment. Not only must these services be clearly defined, highly structured, and offer impeccable clinical value, but they must also provide flexibility for patients who can still function in the community. The perfection of that balance is [...]

Back to School 2013

October 17, 2013|News|

The beginning of the school year is a time filled with anticipation, excitement, and bustle. During what might be considered the busiest time of the year for professionals working with adolescents, perhaps the biggest worry is that students will encounter serious behavioral health and/or substance abuse issues as they transition back to the grind from the calm of summer. For nearly 20 years, High Focus Centers has made a commitment to those of you who must confront these issues. We will always be there to offer support – whether in the form of education and prevention, or in providing the [...]

HFC to Open Branchburg Location

October 14, 2013|News|

High Focus Centers is very proud to announce that we will be opening a new facility in Branchburg this coming Fall, 2013. We will be providing the full range of substance abuse and psychiatric structured treatment programs for adults, adolescents and their families. If you are not already familiar with our organization, High Focus Centers is the premier provider of structured behavioral health treatment programs in New Jersey, with facilities in Bergen, Morris, Union and Monmouth Counties. During the past 20 years, we have earned a strong reputation for delivering unparalleled excellence in clinical programming while being a pillar of [...]

Experimentation Versus Chemical Dependency: Influencing Factors

October 11, 2013|News|

by Teresa A. McMahon, LCSW, MBA, LCADC "Love Cannot Stop It", "Suburbia’s Deadly Secret", "The Grim Life of Suburban Addicts", "Heroin Use is Epidemic": these heart-grabbing headlines have been emblazoned across the front pages of newspapers in recent months. How does seemingly innocent experimentation so often lead young people to addiction, and what roadblocks are stopping us as a society from fighting this pandemic? Why will one young person experiment with alcohol or some other substance and develop a dependency, while another does not? This question is being studied by scientists and substance abuse practitioners everywhere in the developed world. [...]