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Life Skills You’ll Learn in Addiction Recovery

July 17, 2019|Recovery Support, Substance Abuse|

Going through substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery programs is more than just finding freedom from substances – it is a way in which you can completely turn your life around, reject the old lifestyle you once pursued and build recovery skills. These life skills are a key component to any recovery program as they provide you with the tools you need to get back into the world with a newfound strength, healthy goals and coping mechanisms that will sustain recovery for the long run. What are recovery skills? Recovery skills are introduced in substance abuse treatment as tools that, [...]

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What Can I Do to Support My Spouse in Addiction Treatment?

May 30, 2018|Family Support, Recovery Support|

A drug or alcohol addiction can put immense strain on a relationship. If your spouse or significant other has recently started a treatment program, they have taken an important step towards recovery, but you may be wondering when the difficulties are going to end. While recovery and treatment are still challenging times for both of you, there are steps you can take to support your loved one in recovery that will help minimize the strain and provide a hopeful outlook during this time. What can I do to support my spouse in addiction recovery? Support is more than making their [...]

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Earning Back Trust from Loved Ones During Recovery

July 11, 2017|Recovery Support, Substance Abuse|

During active addiction, most people using drugs or alcohol are not fully aware of their actions and rarely have the ability to see the impact their actions are having on the people around them. Addiction is a highly self-focused disease, meaning it does not make room for the considerations of loved ones. The result? Friends and family members may struggle with trust, become resentful or withdraw from a relationship with the one battling addiction. The impact of addiction on relationships Because people struggling with substance use are not in a healthy mental state – certain drugs even directly impact decision-making [...]