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How Athletes are Affected by Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

October 31, 2022|Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Tips|

Adolescents and young adults who play high school and college sports face unique stressors that can leave them vulnerable to developing substance use and mental health disorders. In this interview, Dominique Jones shares ways that parents, coaches and professionals can support young athletes who are struggling or at risk. Dominique is a primary mental health therapist at High Focus Centers in Sandy Springs, Georgia. A Licensed Associate Professional Counselor, she earned her master’s degree from Clayton State University. Which behavioral health issues are most commonly seen in athletes? There are particular stressors that come along with playing a sport and [...]

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Set Your Child Up for Success in Mental Health Treatment and in Life

October 21, 2021|Tips|

Your kid’s life is one big balancing act. Your child is trying to keep up with the demands of school, find personal passions, manage parental expectations, mature in peer relationships and face the challenge of developing an individual identity. Growing up is hard whichever way you slice it, and for kids who struggle with mental health disorders, there’s even more to balance. If your child is currently undergoing mental health treatment, it can feel extremely overwhelming for you and your whole family.  In this article we’ll look at some ways to help your child thrive in all aspects of life [...]

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Discussing Internet Browsing Safety with Your Kids

October 13, 2021|Tips|

It can feel like there is a wide divide between you and your child’s internet habits. Even if you’re tech savvy, it can be hard to keep up with all the apps, ads and features. With every new change to the online landscape, new dangers loom. If you’re a conscientious parent who wants to foster safe online habits for your kids, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you the tips and tricks you need to know so your child is safe on the internet. 1. Learn about parental controls on your devices Regardless of your child’s age, it [...]

How to Listen to What Your Body is Telling You

September 28, 2021|Tips|

What does it mean to listen to your body? Your body likely knows something is wrong before you do. Listening to your body requires tuning in to your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in addition to being mindful of any symptoms that are unusual for you.  How to listen to your body Check in with yourself. How are your stress levels today? Are you feeling too sore to exercise two days in a row? Is your heart rate beating more quickly because of a potential underlying issue, or have you just had too much caffeine today? Have you been getting restful [...]