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It is a crucial moment in your life.  After ignoring or denying it for such a long time, you have accepted that there is potential to be significantly better off than you are right now.  Relationships with friends or loved ones are damaged, and they’ve been begging you to get help for a long time.  You don’t feel as well as you used to – physically or emotionally.  Your mind is consumed with getting high – not because you are getting that same euphoria you used to get, but only because it makes your withdrawal symptoms go away.

You have finally reached a point where you’ve had it with your addiction.  Congratulations, getting to this point is extremely difficult.  There are plenty of ways to get help, but where do you start?

There are several important considerations to make when looking for substance abuse treatment.  Once you determine the answers to these questions, you’ll be equipped to make an educated decision.


There are treatment options available for you regardless of your financial situation.  Determining where to begin will largely depend on your funding source.  If you have no insurance, you may be eligible for treatment under state or county grants.  The best way to quickly find out is to call the NJ Addiction Services Hotline at 1-844-276-2777. If you have a NJ Medicaid plan or are covered under Medicare, you can call the number on the back of your card for assistance.  Individuals with commercial insurance have more options available.  Several treatment facilities in New Jersey are in-network providers for most major insurances; staying with one of these options will typically lead to lower out-of-pocket obligations.  Finally, some people choose to avoid insurance altogether and self-pay for treatment.  This opens the door for programs with more amenities and in some cases, a more enriched clinical experience.

It is important to remember that the quality of the program is not always determined by its cost.  Regardless of how you plan on paying, you can find high quality treatment if you do your research.

Level of Care

level of addiction care

Several different addiction program settings are available. Depending on what substance you use, or when you last used, you may need detox.  This is generally a shorter treatment process (less than 1 week) intended to address the potential medical concerns of your initial abstinence from substance use.  Depending on many biological, psychological, and social factors, it may be necessary to spend several weeks or more at an inpatient rehab facility.  These factors may also lead to a decision that your road to recovery can begin at an Intensive Outpatient Program, where you can receive treatment at a location closer to your home several days per week.  For individuals who are already in recovery, a traditional outpatient counselor can provide weekly therapy to reinforce what was learned in more intensive treatment.

The appropriate level of care should always be determined by a licensed clinician who can spend time getting to know your unique situation, and make the most appropriate recommendation.

Specialized Needs

You may want to consider some other things as you make this crucial decision.  Many programs offer specialty programming for specific populations, and some programs are better able to address certain needs than others.  For example, have you experienced a traumatic event which contributes to your substance abuse?  Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, or a more severe psychiatric illness?  You’ll want a facility that is equipped to properly handle these issues, since it will be very difficult to overcome your addiction without also looking at some of the root causes.

Many facilities now offer population-specific programs such as LGBTQ, faith-based, first responder, or professional tracks.  Additionally, some offer holistic components to their treatment which can also help lead to higher rates of long term recovery, and can also be fun!

Once all of these topics have been considered, a more educated decision can be made about your approach to getting help for yourself or a loved one.  There are plenty of fantastic treatment options available, and if the choices are navigated properly, anybody can find a great match.

If you have made the decision to address your substance abuse and need help finding your way, call High Focus Centers today at (800) 877-3628 and speak to one of our Intake Coordinators.  The first step is always the most difficult, but this is a phone call that could save your life.

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