Published On: April 25, 2016|Categories: News|

High Focus Centers is proud to announce that it will be providing another resource for alumni and those in the local recovery community.

Sober Grid will now be available at no cost for all High Focus Centers alumni, and Sober Grid members can join an online HFC alumni group that will provide daily inspiration, opportunities to build sober connections, and up-to-date news about community events.

Sober Grid is a mobile app designed for those in recovery from addiction. Like Facebook, it allows users to build a profile and post to a newsfeed. However, each user has the option to protect their anonymity, and give as much or as little information about themselves as they are comfortable with.

Sober Grid also lets users connect with nearby sober friends through geosocial networking. When scrolling through the app, the user has the ability to see how far other users are from them at that moment. This feature encourages Sober Grid users to build real life recovery communities and connections.

The app’s “Burning Desire” button may be its most useful feature. Users who feel they are at a high risk to relapse can press this button to alert other Sober Grid members in real time that they need support.

Sober Grid aims to provide a safe and supportive recovery community that can connect people both online and in person.

For more information about Sober Grid, click here.

To join High Focus Center’s alumni group, download the Sober Grid app and click “Alumni Group”, then “+ Add Group” and search for High Focus Centers.

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