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For over 20 years, High Focus Centers (HFC) has provided state of the art care for thousands of patients seeking relief from the symptoms of psychiatric illness and/or substance abuse. An ongoing goal at HFC is to use this vast experience to continuously refine our existing programs, and also to identify unmet clinical needs in the community. In our latest innovation, we have worked hard to construct a specialized intensive outpatient program (IOP) specifically for adults struggling to heal from their trauma experiences.

We are now proud to announce that as of December, 2013, we are running a comprehensive Trauma IOP in our Paramus, Cranford, and Freehold locations!

The Trauma IOP at High Focus Centers treats adults who have experienced a recent trauma event, as well as those whose past history of trauma contributes to ongoing psychiatric symptoms. This program provides a level of care that is higher than traditional outpatient services. As such, it is appropriate for patients whose symptoms are of sufficient severity to cause significant impairment in the activities of daily living, including work/school, family, and social functioning. The IOP is meant to complement longer term individual or group outpatient therapy for trauma survivors, either as an initial treatment experience, or as an alternative to traditional outpatient therapy during a period of heightened symptoms.

What makes this program Unique?

HFC has combined its extensive experience in psychiatric IOP treatment with evidence-based approaches such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and the work of local and national trauma experts to create a unique program that includes 18 distinct trauma-focused skills modules. Each IOP session includes structured psycho-education, skill development, and group psychotherapy components. In addition, each patient will have one individual therapy session per week, as well as a psychiatric assessment and regular medication monitoring as appropriate. The optimal length of stay is 6 weeks to allow patients access to all 18 modules.

For more information on the Trauma IOP at High Focus Centers, call (800) 877-FOCUS (3628). Thank you for your continued support, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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