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Published On: May 24, 2018|Categories: Substance Abuse, Treatment|

The journey you’ll take through outpatient substance use treatment is not an easy one, but there are many ways to help yourself at home while our professionals are helping you in the office. The freedom of our outpatient program truly allows you to better yourself through recovery activities. There are many temptations and negative habits that can be formed while given such independence. Staying focused on positive and productive hobbies will keep you busy while adding meaning to your day.


When battling addiction, it’s vital to not replace that addiction with another unhealthy behavior. Idle time is not often best when going through outpatient treatment. There will be less room in your life for drugs and alcohol if your time is spent wisely on healthy and beneficial tasks.


Often, the first task is looking to your relationships as they struggle when dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Repairing old relationships and building new ones is a great start to filling your free time. These relationships are important to your journey. Keeping strong bonds with your support system outside of our office will help your recovery.

Physical Activity

Whether you join a local basketball league or sign up at the YMCA, finding a physical activity can do wonders for your health. Releasing energy and filling your body with natural endorphins can provide a feeling of accomplishment and happiness. There are many options that allow you to find your niche in physical activities. Options like yoga and running can allow for solitude during strenuous movement. There are group exercise classes as well to keep yourself in a supportive environment with some accountability.

Mental Activity

There is an eclectic list of options available to keep your mind occupied. Many provide a creative outlet for the variety of emotions you’re going through. Participating in drug and alcohol rehab activities will be gratifying as new skills and passions are uncovered.

Sharing talents and achievements discovered is an additional opportunity to feel pride in your efforts.  You can investigate writing, music, or other forms of art. Take a class in pottery or cake decorating, anything that allows you to learn and stretch your mind. There are so many choices, so you can find what suits you best. Perhaps something like reading sounds more your style. Try things out until you come across what works best for you.


Making a change in your community is a great way to give back and safely occupy your time. Finding ways to volunteer in your community will feel rewarding. Look into local nursing homes, youth group programs and pet shelters. You may find a furry friend to take home that you can integrate into your recovery. There are also food banks and soup kitchens that usually look to volunteers for assistance.

We’re Here to Help

With more than 20 years of experience, the experts at High Focus Centers are ready and capable of helping you in your outpatient treatment. Our programs provide numerous benefits that allow us to ensure your treatment is safe while giving you some level of independence.

We provide supervision during a time when it’s most vital to your well-being. Therapy is also available to help support you in your journey towards a sustained recovery. Contact us today to enroll or learn more.

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