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Published On: July 26, 2018|Categories: Mental Health|

Despite the seriousness of mental illness, there is still a societal stigma associated with it. Many people don’t truly understand mental illness, which can result in the belittling of those who are suffering from it. When people who are depressed and having suicidal thoughts feel misunderstood or discriminated against, it can have deadly consequences.

This is why it’s so crucial to spread awareness of depression and suicide. You may already know this is something you should do, but it can be difficult to know how to talk about these issues in your everyday life. Here are some encouraging tips for helping everyone around you understand the severity of mental illness.

Utilize Social Media

Social media websites and apps are useful tools for staying in touch with friends and keeping everyone updated on your life. Your friends and followers care about what you post. Plus, some people feel more comfortable talking about mental illness and sharing posts about it online rather than in person. Use your social profiles to share some encouraging quotes, informative facts, suicide hotline phone numbers, or even links to treatment centers.

Everyday Situations

There are some easy ways to bring up depression and suicide during casual situations. Perhaps you are watching a TV show or movie with your friends or family and it depicts mental illness. This is the perfect way to naturally broach the topic. You can do so by simply talking about the show or movie and go more in-depth on the topic as you feel comfortable.

Share Your Experience

If you’ve ever struggled with suicidal thoughts or depression, you may consider sharing what you’ve gone through. Talking about your story is a powerful experience. It gives others hope by showing them that they are not alone and can overcome what they’re feeling. However, you don’t need to feel forced into telling everyone the details of your story. If you’re not ready to talk about your experience yet, that’s fine. When you’re ready, you can start by sharing it with a select few people you trust.

Donate to Charities

There are several charitable organizations dedicated to de-stigmatizing mental illness and getting help for people who need it. You can give a donation to make a difference in people’s’ lives. This is an effective way to play a part without being public about it if you’re not comfortable with being open about the subject yet.

Encourage People to Get Help

If any of your friends or family members are showing signs of depression or expressing suicidal thoughts, you should encourage them to seek help. Depression is a serious illness that requires treatment, just like a physical ailment. Counseling services are a crucial aspect of mental illness treatment. Mental health professionals will be able to help your struggling loved ones to overcome their obstacles and live happier lives.

Why Raising Awareness Is Important

By increasing suicide awareness in your social circles, you will help those around you. Try these tips and see which ones work best for you and your comfort level. Don’t forget about the importance of getting treatment if you or anyone you know is struggling. High Focus Centers offers counseling for adults and teens going through depression or expressing suicidal thoughts.

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