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Substance abuse is known to break apart families because of the emotional distress and lack of dependability that an addiction brings into the household. Taking steps towards recovery can help you heal as both an individual and as a parent. Allow the process of recovery to help you regain your life and relationships with the people who matter most.

Substance Abuse Puts Children at Risk

The children of drug and alcohol addicts face challenges even though they may not be actively engaged in substance abuse themselves. The shift of a parent’s attention from children to a substance such as alcohol or drugs leaves the them feeling alone, insecure, and uncertain about the future. Such conditions can increase the chances of consequences that include the following:

  • Depression
  • Risk-taking behaviors
  • Substance abuse
  • Low grades
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship challenges

What Can You Do?

Identifying that you have an unhealthy relationship with a substance is the first step towards recovery. There are steps you can take to replace that unhealthy relationship with strong, healthy relationships within the family. Consider using the following three pieces of advice when shaping a life free from substance abuse.

Re-establish Communication

Your children may recognize something is wrong, but they may not know the full extent of the addiction or understand what substance abuse truly is. Find the proper time and place to sit down with them and explain your condition and recovery plan. It is important to be honest and open during the conversation, and to let the children know they have resources that can help them cope with a parent recovering from recovering from substance abuse.

Resources for the Entire Family

Redefining yourself as a parent can be intimidating. You may feel inadequate and filled with guilt and shame. Let go of those feelings and engage with recovery resources that help all members of the family. Family therapy sessions provide an environment to identify and address the way substance abuse impacted the family. Individual counseling sessions for your children provide them with additional resources. Family programs can help you as a parent re-learn parenting skills such as establishing discipline and showing emotional affection.

Remember to Take Care of Yourself

Any steps you take towards reshaping a life without substance abuse can help you regain the relationships with your children. Maintain an exercise regime, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, practice a work-life balance and use your resources. Show how you can recover from a long week without the aid of alcohol or drugs. These steps shape a strong recovery and show your children what a healthy life without substance abuse is like.

Use Recovery as an Opportunity to Lead by Example

It can be easy to try and hide the process of recovery from your children to avoid judgment. But remember that your children need a positive role model, and one of the best role models out there is a loving parent. We at High Focus Centers have programs designed to help both you and your children recover from a lifestyle shaped by substance abuse. To learn more, contact us today or call us at 800-877-3628.

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