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Effective Techniques for Overcoming Seasonal Depression

December 18, 2018|Mental Health, Seasonal Depression|

Have you ever noticed that during certain months of the year, maybe when fall starts slipping into winter, your mental health starts to struggle? Maybe, depending on where you live, the spring turning into summer causes increased stress due to hot, humid temperatures that keep you inside most days, causing a decline in mental health. If you're not aware of or prepared for it, this change in your mental health can be confusing and possibly even debilitating. After all, why would the sunshine of summer cause stress? Or does the promise of the winter holidays come with depression symptoms? Seasonal [...]

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Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder: What Does it Do?

November 13, 2018|Mental Health|

Have you ever heard the phrase "seasonal depression?" Maybe you have experienced unexplainable shifts in your mood during the changes in the season but have not been able to understand why since nothing else in life changed during that time. Perhaps you find yourself with no desire to do anything outside your home during the winter or prefer to stay cooped up during the summer. It may comfort you to know that this internal shift during the change in seasons is actually a normal occurrence for many people – known as seasonal affective disorder, it is an adjustment the brain [...]