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Effective Techniques for Overcoming Seasonal Depression

December 18, 2018|Mental Health, Seasonal Depression|

Have you ever noticed that during certain months of the year, maybe when fall starts slipping into winter, your mental health starts to struggle? Maybe, depending on where you live, the spring turning into summer causes increased stress due to hot, humid temperatures that keep you inside most days, causing a decline in mental health. If you're not aware of or prepared for it, this change in your mental health can be confusing and possibly even debilitating. After all, why would the sunshine of summer cause stress? Or does the promise of the winter holidays come with depression symptoms? Seasonal [...]

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Supporting a Love One Suffering From Poor Mental Health During the Holidays

November 28, 2018|Mental Health|

holiday mental health, holiday mental health tips, holiday anxiety and depression, peer support mental health Struggling with mental health challenges any time of the year can be a challenge, but it can be extra difficult during the holiday season. If you or someone you love is impacted by anxiety, depression, an eating disorder or any mental health condition, here are some holiday mental health tips that can help. How holidays affect mental health The upcoming season poses unique opportunities. It's a chance to gather with family and friends, take a break from a busy work schedule and enjoy new [...]