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  • Does a Mental Health Assessment Always Lead to Being Admitted?

Will I Be Admitted If I Take a Mental Health Evaluation?

May 15, 2017|Mental Health|

If you are facing a mental health assessment, you are likely wondering what that entails. Deciding to seek counseling services to help you get your mental health back on track is incredibly brave, but feeling slightly overwhelmed with the unknown is completely normal. It's okay to have questions about mental health assessments and care – gathering as much information as possible beforehand will help you feel comfortable and empowered throughout the process. After all, the more you understand, the less you have to fear. In this article, we'll provide some basic information about the assessment process and discuss some possible [...]

  • We Are the Patient Experience

We Are the Patient Experience

April 7, 2017|Clinician’s Corner|

The decision to seek treatment often comes at a time when an individual is facing alarming truths about themselves for the first time. With a leap of faith, they entrust their care to our professionals, who strive to guide them toward relief and recovery. Once treatment begins, patients are asked to allow themselves to become vulnerable and do hard work to change life patterns. Each day is filled with individual, group and family therapy, and the topic of conversation can become very uncomfortable. Simply put, entering a treatment program can be scary, anxiety-provoking and extremely hard work. High Focus Centers [...]