We Are the Patient Experience
Published On: April 7, 2017|Categories: Clinician’s Corner|

The decision to seek treatment often comes at a time when an individual is facing alarming truths about themselves for the first time. With a leap of faith, they entrust their care to our professionals, who strive to guide them toward relief and recovery.

Once treatment begins, patients are asked to allow themselves to become vulnerable and do hard work to change life patterns. Each day is filled with individual, group and family therapy, and the topic of conversation can become very uncomfortable. Simply put, entering a treatment program can be scary, anxiety-provoking and extremely hard work.

High Focus Centers understands these challenges. It is our job to reassure. It is our job to comfort. Each one of our employees, both clinical and non-clinical, has embraced their role in ensuring a positive patient experience. In essence, the role of our employees is to “be” the patient experience.

With that in mind, we have launched a new campaign at High Focus Centers. We Are the Patient Experience serves as a constant reminder that the patients who come to us in their time of need deserve high-quality, respectful treatment in a safe and nurturing environment. Our commitment is to be patient-focused in every action, conversation or decision we make.

We Are the Patient Experience encourages interactions that result in the satisfaction of our patients, with an emphasis on some of the following themes:

  • Making a patient feel special or important
  • Showing sensitivity to the nature of the disease we are treating
  • Managing conflict
  • Satisfying the needs of referral sources
  • Resolving customer service issues
  • Contributing to a positive, nurturing and safe environment for patients

Nobody ever said substance abuse or mental health treatment was easy. However, we are proud that while our patients are working hard to pave a new road in their lives, they can look to any and all members of our organization as a pillar of hope in that journey.

We Are the Patient Experience.  We are here for YOU.

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