High Focus Centers is a premier provider of structured outpatient substance abuse and psychiatric treatment programs, with locations in New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia and North Carolina.  We are also a proud member of the Pyramid Healthcare family of behavioral health treatment programs.

Our mission is to provide the best possible care for our patients. Adults, adolescents and families struggling with addiction or psychiatric illness call us in search of relief. We strive to provide them with elite-level care in the least restrictive setting possible, while matching them with a program that best fits their individual needs. Each individual is given the tools to achieve maximum benefit from treatment while being afforded the flexibility necessary for maintaining a productive life outside of treatment.

Throughout our 20+ year history, programs at High Focus Centers have employed evidence-based modalities to deliver highly effective addiction treatment. This can be attributed to the broad experience of the clinical staff, the structure of the programs, and our individualizing of treatment to address each patient’s unique problems.

We Are the Patient Experience

High Focus Centers demonstrates its commitment to providing interactions that result in the satisfaction of our patients by pledging that We Are the Patient Experience.

Every High Focus Centers employee recognizes that patients often come to us at their most vulnerable, and that choosing to pursue treatment can be a scary and anxiety-producing life decision. We work with our patients through individual, group, and family therapy to improve the quality of their lives. High Focus Centers provides reassurance and comfort, and our staff fully embrace their roles in ensuring that each of our patients has a positive and fulfilling experience.

We are committed to offering a safe and nurturing environment in which our patients can pursue high-quality and respectful treatment. High Focus Centers staff, both clinical and non-clinical, are patient-focused in every action, conversation, and decision.

We Are the Patient Experience emphasizes the following:

  • Making a patient feel special or important
  • Showing sensitivity to the nature of the disease we are treating
  • Managing conflict
  • Satisfying the needs of referral source
  • Resolving a customer service issue
  • Contributing to a positive/nurturing/safe environment for patients

High Focus Centers is the patient experience, and we are here for you.