Living with a mental health condition can impact one’s personal and academic or professional life and cause significant short-term and long-term health consequences.

Fortunately, help is available for individuals with mental health disorders at High Focus Centers’ treatment facilities across Connecticut, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersey. Our team uses a combination of evidence-based treatment approaches to help clients achieve sustainable, long-term recovery and wellness.

Mental health treatment

Mental health conditions take many forms and are caused by a variety of factors. That’s why we create individualized treatment plans based on the unique needs of each client. Our treatment programs are tailored to help clients with a range of psychiatric disorders, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Disordered eating
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Self-harm
  • Mania
  • Psychosis

Learn more about mental health disorders by visiting High Focus Centers’ Education & Resource Center.

Mental health treatment program features

High Focus Centers provides outpatient mental health treatment to both adults and adolescents/teens. We also offer co-occurring substance use disorder treatment at some of our centers.

Evidence-based techniques our staff use to treat mental health conditions include:

  • Family group sessions: We involve family and loved ones during educational or therapeutic activities to increase the effectiveness of treatment
  • Psychoeducation: Clients learn about their mental illness and ways they can manage symptoms
  • Psychiatric services: Medication can be prescribed when appropriate and monitored by our psychiatric team on a weekly basis throughout treatment

Learn more about the specific programs offered at each High Focus Center location here.

Adult mental health treatment

If you suspect you or a loved one may have a mental health disorder, you’re not alone. Mental health disorders are quite common. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness.

Levels of adult outpatient mental healthcare

At High Focus Centers, the first step of the treatment process is a level of care assessment. This assessment is a meeting with a mental health professional where we work to understand your unique needs and provide a diagnosis. From there, we determine the appropriate level of care and create a custom treatment plan for you.

Adult mental health treatment is offered at two levels:

  • Adult partial hospitalization program (PHP): Our day program is highly intensive, providing structured support for clients

  • Adult intensive outpatient program (IOP): Groups meet a few times a week either during the day or in the evenings, accommodating clients’ work schedules or other responsibilities

High Focus Centers’ outpatient mental health treatment programs provide the therapy, education and support necessary for recovery with added flexibility for life outside of treatment. No matter your needs, our professionals will help find the right option for you. Please note that specific programming may vary depending on the treatment facility.

Adolescent and teen mental health treatment

Adolescence is a critical time in emotional development as teens undergo significant changes in both their brain development and hormone regulation. These changes, coupled with stress from school and social pressure from peers, can lead to mood and behavioral disorders.

While teens may have a high incidence of mental health issues, they’re also particularly receptive to positive influences in emotional and behavioral learning. With the proper treatment and guidance, teens can learn coping and life skills to help them throughout their adult lives.

High Focus Centers offers psychiatric programs for adolescents and teens aged 10-18 years with varying levels of structure and intensity to provide options that fit their individual needs. Patients are taught dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills to help improve with emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance and receive a psychiatry session every week.

Levels of outpatient mental healthcare for adolescents and teens

High Focus Centers offers adolescent psychiatric programming at two levels:

  • Adolescent partial hospitalization program (PHP): High-intensity full-day program with a school component to provide students with academic support while in treatment
  • Adolescent intensive outpatient program (IOP): After school, half-day program

Both levels of our outpatient teen mental health treatment programs provide the structured support adolescents need to recover from mental health disorders, learn to cope with life stressors and thrive in their academic, professional and personal lives.

What if my teen also struggles with addiction?

When adolescents are struggling with their mental health, they sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. High Focus Centers offers a specialized IOP program for teens struggling with both a primary mental health disorder and substance abuse which addresses the underlying issues leading to harmful thought patterns and behaviors.

Adolescent programming is available at multiple High Focus Centers mental health treatment facilities. We also have teletherapy options available for most of our programming. Contact us to learn more about our teen programs.

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