Behavioral Health Treatment for Teens, Tweens, and Adults

Our Bergen County location offers a variety of outpatient programs, including structured mental health and drug and alcohol use disorder treatment. Located in Paramus, our team uses evidence-based treatment approaches to help adults, teens and middle-school aged children overcome behavioral health challenges.

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Mental Health Programming for Adolescents

Adolescent Partial hospitalization (PHP)

Our structured PHP track meets daily and quickly stabilizes significant mental health symptoms so clients can focus on restoring functionality. The teen PHP includes an academic component to support students throughout treatment.

Adolescent intensive outpatient (IOP)

IOP is a step down from PHP and is appropriate for teens who need early intervention yet don’t require higher levels of care or for teens who completed the PHP. This program meets after school.

Adolescent Co-occurring IOP

Co-occurring disorders often exacerbate each other, and our co-occurring track for teens addresses mental health disorders and substance use disorders simultaneously.

Tween Program

This program is designed to meet the unique mental health needs of tweens ages 10-13 and emphasizes communication skills, self-esteem, social skills and mindfulness. It incorporates experiential therapy and includes psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring as needed.

Transportation to Treatment

Lack of transportation sometimes prevents teens with behavioral health conditions from accessing much-needed care. In New Jersey and Connecticut, High Focus Centers is now offering transportation to teens residing within a 15-mile radius of our programs.

For partial hospitalization programs (PHP), we offer round-trip transportation from home to treatment (within a 15-mile radius) and for after school intensive outpatient programs (IOP), we provide transportation from school to treatment (clients need a parent or caregiver to drive them home at the end of the day).

Treatment for Adults

Mental health PHP for adults

This is a full-day primary mental health program that stabilizes significant mental health symptoms with a highly structured program. This group meets daily and includes dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills training, psychoeducation and group and individual therapy.

Mental health IOP for adults

This part-time program is a step down from PHP, and clients continue to receive group and individual therapy for primary mental health disorders. These groups are offered during the day and evening to give working adults flexibility, while still providing structured and regular support.

Adult Substance Use PHP

We treat alcohol use, opioid addiction, prescription drug misuse and illicit drug addiction, and each client receives an individualized treatment plan to meet their specific needs. Our primary substance use PHP is highly structured and meets daily, providing dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills training, psychoeducation, group and individual therapy and more.

Adult Substance Use IOP

This IOP treats primary substance disorder and has day and evening flexibility. Our integrative and individualized approach to addiction treatment uses various treatment modalities to meet the unique needs of each client. The IOP is a step down from PHP treatment and is a part-time program.

Adult Co-occurring IOP

It is common to struggle with mental health disorders and substance use disorders simultaneously. Our specialized co-occurring track treats both disorders at the same time so that our clients have a better chance of reaching sustained recovery.

Trauma-enhanced IOP

Trauma increases the chances of substance misuse and developing other mental health disorders, and our trauma enhanced IOP is designed specifically for those struggling with PTSD or symptoms related to trauma to help them return to functionality and a sense of safety.

LGBTQ+ mental health services for adults and adolescents

High Focus Centers in Paramus offers mental health and co-occurring disorders treatment programs addressing the unique challenges faced by adult and adolescent members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Programs Offered Here

  • Co-Occurring Disorders

    Psychiatric and Co-Occuring IOP in Adults
  • LGBTQ+ Services

    A young LGBTQ patient visits their therapist to process trauma
  • Mental Health

    Man holding hand of spouse receiving mental health treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

    Adults holding hands in group therapy as part of outpatient rehab program
  • Trauma Treatment

    Sad woman in the room
  • Tween Program

    Affectionate young mommy supporting stressed sad teen child daughter. Unhappy depressed adolescent kid girl suffering from personal problems or bullying at school, sharing difficulties with mum.


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