Frequently Asked Questions

Are High Focus Centers inpatient or outpatient?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

We offer outpatient, intensive outpatient and partial care programs.  This means we provide services at various levels of care designed for individuals with significant substance abuse and/or psychiatric issues.  The frequency of visits per week is determined at the time of assessment based on each individual’s unique needs.  As patients progress, they typically step down in frequency.

What kind of patients come to the HFC program?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

Our patient population reflects suburban NJ. The patients who come to High Focus Centers have encountered substance abuse, addiction, or psychiatric issues. Many are employed, while others are not and are covered by a loved one’s insurance.

What is an assessment?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

High Focus Centers will conduct an assessment, or level of care evaluation. The goal is to determine the appropriate level of care to meet the patient’s individual needs and to provide a recommendation. Substance abuse assessments will generally take approximately 1½ hours. Psychiatric evaluations take approximately 2 hours. Parents are required to attend an adolescent assessment. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with the counselor alone, as will the child, and they will also meet with the counselor together.

Can I schedule an evening or weekend assessment?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

We will try to best accommodate your needs when scheduling an assessment. While we cannot guarantee availability at any given time, we do have staff available on weeknights and Saturdays.

How do I get my child to attend assessment? Should I tell him/her or should it be a surprise?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

If your child attends school, you may want to contact the student assistance counselor if your school has one. If your child is on probation, you can enlist the help of your child’s probation officer. A third option would be to contact Crisis Intervention in your county.

Do you treat dually diagnosed individuals?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

Yes, in fact patients with co-occurring illnesses tend to be very successful in our program.

In both adult and adolescent programming, individuals with a co-occurring illness are seen by a psychiatrist each week. Our trained clinical staff implements a specialized psycho-educational curriculum designed specifically for the co-occurring population, along with group therapy interventions and DBT skills training. Co-occurring patients are given random, supervised drug screens.

In our substance abuse programs, patients who require a psychiatric evaluation will be seen by one of our full-time psychiatrists if they do not have their own psychiatrist in the community. High Focus Centers can provide medication management for these patients if indicated. Patients who come into our substance abuse programs already linked to a psychiatrist many continue with that doctor, although we will request the patient sign a release so that we may work in close collaboration.

Do you do individual therapy?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

Individual therapy is a crucial part of every program at High Focus Centers. All patients participating in High Focus Centers programs take part in regular individual sessions.

Do you do family therapy?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

We are a family-systems oriented program; family participation is in the best interest of the patient. We offer family components in all programs. There is no charge for any of the family programs.

How much does your program cost?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

We are in almost all insurance networks, and most patients in our programs have insurance. The cost for the individual is typically limited to the co-pay. High Focus Centers will verify coverage and review it with the patient before starting the program.

What kind of insurance do you accept?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

We are in-network with every major insurance company, and we will be happy to verify your benefits for you.

What if I have no insurance?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

You can pay out of pocket; we can certainly discuss our charges and develop a payment plan prior to admission to program. Limited scholarship opportunities may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Do you take Medicare/Medicaid?2023-02-28T00:31:05-05:00

Generally, no.  However, Medicaid is accepted for some services in Connecticut locations.

Will High Focus Centers help me if I need to go out on disability from work?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

Many of our patients will need to take time away from work to get the treatment they need. Our doctors will look at your individual situation and determine if it is appropriate to make this recommendation. If so, we will assist in getting you the proper documentation. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are in need of documentation so we have ample time to review and fill out necessary paperwork.

Do you have a detox?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

The High Focus Centers locations do not provide a medical detox; however, our clinicians can provide assessments to determine the best course for your treatment.  If inpatient detox is indicated during the initial assessment, our clinician will make the appropriate arrangements and we will facilitate an admission to a trusted inpatient detox facility.

Do you treat prescription pill addiction?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

In our initial evaluation, we will determine the appropriate course of action — if detox is indicated, we would make appropriate arrangements for you to receive that care. In some cases, detox may not be necessary, and treatment can begin in our partial care or intensive outpatient program.  Additionally, High Focus Centers has developed specialized services for patients who are abusing or dependent on opiates in order to improve chances of a successful long-term recovery.

Can I bring my son/daughter in for a urine screen?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

A urine screen alone would not give you enough information to help your child. A full evaluation, including a urine screen, would help you to determine the most appropriate course of action.

I’m on methadone. Can I still attend the substance abuse program?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

We don’t treat patients on ongoing methadone maintenance.  However, individuals who are prescribed 30 milligrams a day or less are candidates for our ambulatory (outpatient) detox program, or we can facilitate admission into an residential detox facility.  After detox, we would be happy to schedule an initial evaluation with you.

Note: We will treat patients who are prescribed Methadone in our adult psychiatric programs as long as we can coordinate with your methadone clinic.

My husband/wife is in the program; can you tell me if he/she has been attending?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

According to the regulations of confidentiality, we can’t confirm attendance without the written permission of the patient. If you believe that he/she is attending, you can ask him/her to sign a release.

Does the school have to know if my son/daughter is attending your program?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

No, the school doesn’t have to know. We can’t share any information with the school without your written consent. However, it is often in the best interest of your son/daughter to allow us to collaborate with the school and ensure the appropriate supports are given during the school day.

Can I still come to the family program even if my spouse has dropped out of treatment?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

Yes, the family program is available to you at no charge, if you wish to attend.

Is your program confidential?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

Absolutely! We follow federal guidelines, and we are bound by a code of ethics & laws to maintain confidentiality. We cannot speak with anyone without your signed consent.

What happens if I can’t stay clean and sober?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

We will work with you and if a higher level of care is indicated, we will refer you to a residential program and then continue to work with you upon discharge.

If I come for an evaluation, will I automatically be put into a program?2023-02-28T00:31:04-05:00

No. We will make an appropriate recommendation depending upon what your needs are and what level of care is indicated. About 20% of the people we see for an evaluation are not appropriate for our programs.