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How Military Trauma Affects the Brain

September 6, 2023|Trauma, Veterans|

Traumatic events can leave a negative lasting impression on individuals who experience or witness them, usually taking a significant toll on multiple (if not all) areas of their lives. Though many stigmas around seeking professional help have been broken, some continue to be perpetuated, especially in environments where mental and physical resilience are glorified. Military trauma should always be acknowledged and taken seriously. The often extreme and distressing encounters military personnel can experience usually require some form of professional support in order to help them fully process what they went through. Recognizing military trauma and understanding what trauma does to [...]

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How Do Co-Occurring Disorders Affect Veterans?

August 21, 2023|Co-occurring Disorders, Veterans|

For those who have spent time in the military, leaving behind one’s military family, the routines and regimens to re-enter civilian life can be an incredibly difficult transition. Most often, the experiences men and women had in the armed forces leave lasting impressions on them, for better or for worse.  The challenges of transitioning out of the military combined with potentially traumatic experiences within the military can have significant impacts on mental health. Sadly, this creates alarmingly high numbers of veterans with co-occurring disorders.  What are Co-Occurring Disorders? A co-occurring disorder is when an individual with a substance use disorder [...]