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The Most Common Stigmas Surrounding Teens and Mental Health

May 31, 2023|Teen Mental Health|

Mental health issues do not discriminate, and they can affect men and women of all ages, races, social and financial statuses, educational backgrounds, income levels and more.  Teens are no exception, and up to 50 percent of teenagers develop some sort of mental health condition or disorder before they graduate high school. For many of them, these issues will continue to disrupt the individual’s life for years, lasting through their twenties and sometimes even into their thirties if left untreated. There are different factors that can impact a person’s mental health, and stigmas around mental health are among some of [...]

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The Most Important Teen Mental Health Statistics to Know

May 16, 2023|Teen Mental Health|

Have you noticed that teen mental health issues seem to be almost trending lately? People — adolescents and young adults primarily — are casually dropping phrases like “I’m so depressed”, “she’s so bipolar” or “he’s so OCD” frequently in conversations now. While the normalization of these topics is incredible progress, when it comes to supporting and uplifting the mental health community this particular method isn’t the most beneficial. A teen who makes claims of being depressed, when they’re actually just disappointed they failed a test, can invalidate a student with an actual mood disorder, and inadvertently convince them not to [...]

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Understanding Your Teen’s Graduation Stress

May 9, 2023|Teen Mental Health|

So your child is approaching young adulthood, about to graduate and move onto a new chapter in their lives. As the parent, you might be full of pride and hope for the future they’re creating, but your child might not be so confident or excited for the change. High school has changed significantly in recent decades, between the creation of the smartphone, the launch of social media, modern societal evolutions and more. Some struggles are timeless (such as bullying, and pubescent changes), while others (such as those that have come with the rise of technology) we are still learning the [...]

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Looking for Mental Illness Indicators in Your Teen

October 14, 2016|Teen Mental Health|

Mental illnesses do not discriminate — they affect anyone, of any age. They arise based on the environments in which we live, the people whom we surround ourselves with and the chemical composition of our brains. For this reason, we don't always have control over whether or not a mental illness develops, but we can act preventatively to slow its development and build up our mental health instead. Teen mental health As a parent, it's your job to take care of your child's health as best as you're able – mentally and physically. We're all pretty good at identifying warning [...]