Substance Abuse

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Should I Break the Habit of Drinking Before Bed?

May 15, 2024|Substance Abuse|

Having a drink before bedtime to calm one’s thoughts is not unusual – it is literally called a “nightcap” for this very reason. It has the stereotype of being a good little nighttime ritual and providing a relaxed state of mind before drifting off to sleep, but is that actually what alcohol does?  Does it truly relax you enough to put you (and, more importantly, keep you) sleeping soundly throughout the course of the night? Studies contrary to popular belief say probably not.  Should you drink alcohol before bed? It is undeniable that alcohol enhances that sleepy time feel – [...]

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Maintaining Sobriety And Keeping My Friends: A How-To Guide

May 7, 2024|Substance Abuse|

When you are in recovery for an alcohol use disorder (AUD), you are likely to find that a sober environment during the initial stages of recovery is what you need to feel supported while minimizing the possibilities of relapse. But as your recovery progresses and you feel stronger in your resolve and ready to engage and enter into different aspects of normal life outside of treatment, you may wonder – is it okay to be around friends who still drink alcohol? Can I maintain friendships with those who drink? Whether or not you choose to be around friends who consume [...]

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What is Xylazine?

March 26, 2024|Substance Abuse|

When illicit drugs are created in a lab, unadulterated products are rarely processed. Most of the time, manufacturers will mix drugs with other substances to expand the batch and make a great profit for less cost.  One such substance that has been noted in these concoctions – and has even been abused on its own – is xylazine.  Never intended for use in humans, xylazine poses a significant threat to the health of those who seek its effects. Due to its relatively new status as an abusable drug, few regulations currently exist to keep it from falling into the wrong [...]

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Should I Look For a New Addiction Recovery Sponsor?

March 4, 2024|Substance Abuse|

Addiction recovery is not a task easily achieved solo. Those recovering from addiction are frequently encouraged to rely on trusted friends and family, attend group sessions to meet with others in recovery and otherwise engage with the community around them to prevent any sense of isolation during the process. Additional support is also usually sought from addiction recovery sponsors. It is important that you feel safe with this man or woman, as their job is to be an additional person with whom you can confide. If you feel like this is jeopardized in any way for any reason, it [...]

Recognizing Sabotage From Loved Ones (But Also From You)

February 27, 2024|Substance Abuse|

Addiction recovery is not something you pursue and experience with simplicity and ease. It is a long process of vulnerability and emotional and physical challenges. And it can be made even more difficult by sabotage – from ourselves and from those around us. What is sabotage? Sabotage has a few definitions, one of them being, “an act or process tending to hamper or hurt.” In addiction recovery, sabotage is when any person hampers or hurts the recovery process of themselves or another.  Self-sabotage is a phrase commonly referred to in addiction recovery and implies that the one recovering is [...]

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Reducing Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms With Klonopin

December 21, 2023|Substance Abuse|

When recovering from alcohol addiction, individuals will experience several withdrawal symptoms as a result of their body learning to adjust to the absence of the chemicals and toxins found in the substance. These symptoms can be dangerous and are undeniably unpleasant. Certain medications have been approved which mitigate withdrawal symptoms and help achieve sobriety.  Understanding alcohol withdrawal Once a body has learned to function with increasingly high levels of alcohol in its system, it seemingly “forgets” how to properly function without it. If you seek to stop consuming alcohol after long periods of frequent consumption, you are likely to [...]

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Does Alcohol Cause Bloating?

December 12, 2023|Substance Abuse|

After a night of drinking alcohol, you are likely not feeling your best. Most likely, you feel dehydrated, your stomach is irritated and your overall body feels puffy and bloated. Such an unpleasant feeling can lead us to wonder what we drank that promoted such illness – but the truth is, a combination of factors contribute to bloat after drinking.  Feeling bloated after drinking alcohol? The feeling of being bloated after drinking alcohol is experienced for a number of reasons, primarily because alcohol is an excellent dehydrator. And when the body is dehydrated, the stomach pulls any possible water [...]

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A Closer Look At Hydrocodone’s Addictive Effects

December 6, 2023|Substance Abuse|

“Hydrocodone is one of the most common pain medications prescribed by clinicians and one of the most abused by patients. It is a relatively potent drug for moderate-to-severe pain control in postoperative patients, patients with trauma, or patients with cancer,” according to an article from the National Library of Medicine. Classified as a schedule II drug by the DEA, hydrocodone has a high potential for abuse even though there are accepted medical uses. What this means is those prescribed hydrocodone need to be aware of the risks and ensure they are adhering to the instructions of the prescription to [...]

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A Parent’s Guide to Spotting Laced Halloween Candy

October 4, 2023|Family Support, Substance Abuse|

Autumn generally ushers in cool weather, cozy clothes, pumpkin spice everything and of course, the annual arrival of a spooky holiday. While not everyone loves the scary side of Halloween, devouring buckets of candy has a special place in many people’s hearts. Unfortunately, there can be a dark side to something as seemingly innocent as distributing pre-wrapped candy to eager children in creative costumes. Since you’re reading this article, you’re likely either familiar with the concept of laced Halloween candy and are seeking to refresh your memory, or perhaps just heard the phrase for the first time and are wanting [...]

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How Do Co-Occurring Disorders Affect Veterans?

August 21, 2023|Mental Health, Substance Abuse|

For those who have spent time in the military, leaving behind one’s military family, the routines and regimens to re-enter civilian life can be an incredibly difficult transition. Most often, the experiences men and women had in the armed forces leave lasting impressions on them, for better or for worse.  The challenges of transitioning out of the military combined with potentially traumatic experiences within the military can have significant impacts on mental health. Sadly, this creates alarmingly high numbers of veterans with co-occurring disorders.  What are Co-Occurring Disorders? A co-occurring disorder is when an individual with a substance use [...]

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How Athletes are Affected by Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

October 31, 2022|Mental Health, Substance Abuse|

Adolescents and young adults who play high school and college sports face unique stressors that can leave them vulnerable to developing substance use and mental health disorders. In this interview, Dominique Jones shares ways that parents, coaches and professionals can support young athletes who are struggling or at risk. Dominique is a primary mental health therapist at High Focus Centers in Sandy Springs, Georgia. A Licensed Associate Professional Counselor, she earned her master’s degree from Clayton State University. Which behavioral health issues are most commonly seen in athletes? There are particular stressors that come along with playing a sport [...]