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Published On: October 24, 2017|Categories: Mental Health|

There is no doubt about it – work can be one of the most significant sources of stress in our life. Unfortunately, all that stress can be really bad for us. Stress raises blood pressure, makes us depressed, and leads to feeling powerless and angry. There are several ways you can reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace. Implementing these tips will help you feel more content during the work day and more in control of the stress you encounter.

1. Keep Track of What Makes You Stressed

What exactly triggers stress in the workplace for you? Causes of workplace stress can include:

  • Dealing with coworkers
  • Meeting with your boss
  • Feeling powerless over workplace decisions
  • Low salary
  • Uncomfortable work environment

As you begin to identify the specific causes of anxiety in the workplace, you can begin developing solutions to help you manage them.

2. Try to Minimize the Number of Stressors Encountered

Knowing what specifically stresses you out about your job is an important first step; from here you can start to take control over stressful situations. While you probably cannot change all sources of personal stress, you may have control over some of them. For instance, you can schedule meetings with stressful coworkers on a different day than anxious meetings with your boss.

3. Change Your Workspace if Possible

Keeping a tidy and organized workspace can actually decrease the amount of stress you experience in a day. Struggling to keep track of important papers, files, and documents can be a huge source of anxiety. Start getting organized by throwing away old items and then sorting other material into categories according to what action needs taken. As you get organized you will get a sense of what kind of work tends to go undone; you can begin prioritizing these tasks and thereby eliminate another source of stress from your workplace environment.

4. Learn Ways to Relax

Taking a deep breath, stretching, or having a quick walk outside are all simple, effective ways to bust stress as it arises during the day. There are many great strategies that can help you unwind when the stress and anxiety get hard to handle. If you like, write down a list of suggestions and keep it near your workspace to remind you to take a break throughout the day.

5. Set Up Boundaries

If you are always saying yes to people, you probably end up taking on more work than you can actually handle. Practice saying no in a balanced manner; avoid getting angry at people but be proactive in asserting your boundaries. Stepping back from committees and teams is another way of enforcing healthy boundaries in the workplace.

Seeking Help For Work Stress & Anxiety

Talking about stress and anxiety is actually another great way to find relief. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress caused by your job, then it can be helpful to seek help from a professional. The therapists at High Focus Centers help adults manage their stress in healthy ways. We specialize in caring, affirming mental health counseling. Addressing stress early can help preserve mental health; talking to a therapist can be the first step. Find a High Focus Centers location near you or learn more about our teletherapy options. You can also call and talk with our staff to learn more about our recovery and psychiatric services.

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