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Published On: February 26, 2019|Categories: Substance Abuse|

Many individuals, including those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, understand that there are several health-related consequences of substance use. However, there are many non-medical related consequences that arise, as well. Many of these consequences arise from the physical and mental changes that occur from substance abuse or addiction.

Professional Repercussions

When a person suffers from substance dependence, it is likely that their professional life and career will be highly impacted. Addiction can make it extremely difficult to maintain focus or concentration, leading to missed deadlines and results below expectations.

If an employer learns of an employee’s drug or alcohol addiction, they may be liable to fire that employee. Additionally, if a user’s history with substances includes an arrest, they may find it difficult to find new employment opportunities.

Social Effects

Addiction can lead to numerous social consequences. People with substance use disorders often undergo psychological and emotional changes that can lead to disagreements and aggression toward family members, friends, and other loved ones.

This, in turn, can lead to ostracism, divorce, or other situations that lead to isolation and lack of personal support. These can lead to further problems for one suffering from substance abuse. Many users find themselves lying, stealing, and cheating others in order to get by and stay medicated, leading to moral and social impacts that can be hard to overcome.

Legal Troubles

The use of illegal substances can lead to severe legal consequences. Some of these may include prison sentences, probation, an arrest record, huge fines, and transportation issues—including but not limited to a suspended driver’s license. Additionally, many people with substance use disorders may find that they have to complete court-ordered community service hours.

Financial Strains

There are numerous, often unconsidered financial struggles besides substantial fines that many people with substance use disorders must face. The high cost of illegal drugs, legal fees related to divorces or home repossessions, and the loss of income from being fired are just a few of the challenges that can occur as a result of addiction.

Dangerous Situations

There are many dangerous situations that substance use can lead to. Suicide, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and homicide can all be related to the use of illegal substances. The combination of physical, mental, and social changes that people with a substance use disorder undergo can lead to a myriad of unwanted life changes that can lead to death in some cases.

Help is Available

There are many non-health related consequences of substance use that can be hard to face alone. Fortunately, help is available. High Focus Centers practices holistic treatment techniques to help patients overcome drug or alcohol addiction and support long-term health. Learn more about our treatment options today.

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