Psychiatric Illness

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Warning Signs of Psychiatric Illness in Adults

January 31, 2018|Mental Health|

While there is more awareness surrounding mental illness than ever before, it can still be difficult to identify symptoms within yourself or loved ones. Here at High Focus Centers, we’re focused on not only helping those with mental health issues and disorders, but on educating them so that they can better help themselves. Here are a few warning signs of psychiatric illness to be aware of in adults. Most Common Symptoms and Warning Signs One of the first things to understand when it comes to mental illness is that it’s best not to be alarmed when one shows just a [...]

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Recognizing Depression Symptom Differences in Teen Boys and Girls

December 18, 2015|Teen Mental Health|

For teenagers, navigating the world can be difficult and confusing. Finding a sense of self, establishing a peer group and dealing with hormonal and bodily changes all contribute to ups and downs. Yet for teens dealing with depression, symptoms go beyond the usual struggles of teenage challenges. Understanding teenage depression Unfortunately, only one out of every five teenagers suffering from depression actually gets help due to their inability to recognize the symptoms, which is why parental involvement is key. Although boys and girls suffer from similar symptoms, there are notable differences. According to the Mayo Clinic, red flags for depression [...]