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Suicidal Thoughts: How to Help a Loved One in Crisis

October 25, 2018|Family Support, Mental Health|

It can be difficult to know how to help someone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide. If a friend or family member has expressed suicidal thoughts to you, you are undoubtedly feeling emotions of fear, anxiety and a desire to help. But what can you say in moments like this? What is the right way to help them without causing any more grief? There are two crucial things you can do during this time to help: have open conversations with your loved one and educate yourself on the warning signs of suicide. Encourage an open conversation When a loved [...]

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How to Increase Awareness of Depression and Suicide in Everyday Life

July 26, 2018|Depression, Mental Health|

In the past few decades, the scientific understanding of mental health has changed drastically. Conditions like substance use disorders, bipolar disorders, depression and anxiety used to be considered moral failures or character flaws. Only a century ago, those with mental illnesses were excluded and treated with isolation or sent to asylums. Even though our understanding of mental illness has improved, there is still a social stigma associated with it. There are still common misconceptions about the origins and behaviors of mental health disorders, which can lead to poor treatment and discrimination on personal and institutional levels. For those who are [...]