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Now that you’re in the recovery phase of alcoholism, you may find your usual go-to activities are no longer an option. Finding fun and interesting activities to keep busy that don’t involve drinking are key to your recovery.

New Jersey has many alcohol-free activities, so you can have a great time while maintaining sobriety!

Dry Towns

New Jersey is known for its “dry” towns, meaning areas that don’t sell alcohol. This could include restaurants that don’t serve alcohol but may or may not allow BYOB. Many of these places are family friendly and don’t have a party vibe.

Of the more than 30 dry towns, some are at the beach, including the very popular Ocean City, scenic Wildwood Crest, and quaint Cape May! Whether you’re looking to spend a day or your vacation at the Jersey Shore, visit an alcohol-free town.

Keep Active

Resisting the urge to drink can be difficult, especially when sulking indoors with your mind stuck on the past. Keeping physically active is one way to ward off the temptation. Check out these activities in New Jersey that will get you moving and out into nature where you can clear your head with some much-needed fresh air.


New Jersey offers many hiking trails with breathtaking scenery. Choose one and plot out a hike. You may even want to join a hiking club to be around likeminded people enjoying the great outdoors and exploring new paths. Popular hiking sites include these and more:

  • Buttermilk Falls, New Jersey’s highest waterfall, measures 200 feet! Start at the Falls and then take the Appalachian Trail, which will lead you to other beautiful water destinations like Crater Lake and Hemlock pond.
  • Monument Trail in High Point State park boasts the highest point in New Jersey—1,800 feet! Climb the monument for an even better view of the Garden State.

Outdoor Adventures

If you’re seeking a thrill, New Jersey offers a host of adventurous outdoor activities, including:

  • Balloon rides
  • Jet skiing and paddle boarding
  • Parasailing
  • Whale watching
  • Ziplining
  • Archery ranges
  • Sky diving
  • Scuba diving

Fun with Your Pup

Dog parks are a fun way to enjoy time outdoors and connect with your pup and other canine lovers. Look at this website to find a park near you!

Don’t have a canine companion? Consider rescuing a shelter dog. It’s a great way to retarget your focus from your struggles to creating a new home for an animal in need. They’ll always keep you on your toes.

Nature Calls!

Commune with nature in fun and inexpensive ways like bird watching, fishing, and camping. Explore caverns and mines. Try horseback riding, water tubing, or white-water rafting. Look for groups online to find people who share your interests.

Pick Your Own

Want to see where your food really comes from? New Jersey offers farm-fresh produce you can pick yourself. With fall approaching, many farms offer pick-your-own pumpkins and apples. Look for a farm in your area.

Cultural Attractions

New Jersey has a rich historical and cultural life. If you prefer to spend your time indoors or enjoy cultural activities like history or art, New Jersey has something for you! These free museums and sites are well worth your time:

  • Princeton University Art Museum
  • Twin Lights Historic Site
  • The New Jersey Naval Museum
  • Empty Sky at Liberty State Park (a 9/11 Memorial)
  • Heritage Class Museum
  • The Center for Contemporary Art

Explore Your Artsy Side

Channel your energies into a new artistic hobby like painting, sculpting, glass fusing, or jewelry making. It’s a great way to meet new friends, have fun, and try something new.

No matter where your interests lie, or if you’re looking for a new way to spend your time, New Jersey has plenty of alcohol-free activities to keep you on the right path!

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