Published On: June 13, 2014|Categories: News|

High Focus Centers has always sought to provide patients with the highest quality behavioral health services in the least restrictive setting possible. Our model promotes a healthy and smooth transition back to prior levels of functioning. A large part of this includes restoring the ability to attend school, work, or address the many responsibilities that never disappear. For many of our psychiatric patients, we are seeing that they are ready to make this transition, even though their current disposition calls for continued structured treatment.

For this reason, High Focus Centers in Parsippany is Opening an EVENING PSYCHIATRIC INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM!

The Evening IOP is for higher functioning patients who continue to exhibit symptoms and need intensive treatment, however they have demonstrated the ability to safely function while addressing outside duties and responsibilities. We have not only taken the stance that this specific type of patient should have the ability to address both needs simultaneously, but also that the experience of transitioning back to work or school while in treatment can be truly beneficial to that patient’s overall recovery.

As always, High Focus Centers is listening to the needs of the patient, but also to the changing trends in the treatment community. We are always eager to hear your feedback, and continuously seek to build on the foundations that have made High Focus your go-to resource for structured psychiatric, substance abuse, and co-occurring treatment.

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