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So often people who need addiction treatment choose to forgo getting the help they need. Sometimes this is because of taboos and stereotypes surrounding treatment; sometimes it is because they just don’t know where to go for help; other times it’s logistical, involving complications like money or transportation. 

Regardless of the reason, treatment centers are prepared to help. With countless resources to help you overcome roadblocks to addiction recovery, sobriety may be more within your reach than you realize. 

Common roadblocks to addiction recovery

While not everyone will experience difficulties when beginning their journey toward recovery, some may find the initial transition to be incredibly difficult. They may encounter some common obstacles and issues that make the process challenging and overwhelming.

Financial concerns

The cost of addiction treatment is one of the biggest reasons people do not seek addiction recovery, as the financial burden of treatment can be a difficult one to undertake. Habits of addiction often leave people struggling financially, and paying for treatment is not often in the realm of possibilities. 

Thankfully, several treatment centers accept insurance and are willing to work with their clients to help make treatment affordable

For example, High Focus Centers is an in-network provider for most major commercial insurance carriers. During intake, the team will verify benefits and determine any potential deductible or other out-of-pocket requirements based on each client’s coverage. They will help clients understand what insurance will cover and what they will be responsible for.

This helps to make treatment accessible to many. 

Distance and travel

For those who do not live near a treatment center, it may seem impossible to experience the benefits of treatment. But, there are options. 

Telehealth offers a unique approach to recovery and offers those who cannot get themselves to a rehab facility the chance to recover. By having conversations over the phone or via a video call with your therapist, you can begin the process of recovery without leaving your home.

Additionally, some treatment facilities provide residential treatment options, where participants live in the treatment home for extended periods. This enables them to remove themselves from toxic home lives, live where they are receiving treatment and not have to worry about traveling to and from sessions at all. 

If this is what you need to be successful in recovery, take the time to seek out a treatment center that gives options like telehealth or residential opportunities.

Societal taboos

Seeking out rehab means making several sacrifices and possibly experiencing judgment from peers. Especially if you are surrounded by others who also abuse substances, your choice to seek treatment may make them feel threatened if they continue to use substances. Additionally, you may have to take time off from work or away from family to be successful in recovery. 

If rehab is viewed as a failure by those whose opinions you value, it can be so challenging to seek out therapy. This is why the support of peer groups and your counselor in treatment is highly important. By being surrounded by those who support your recovery, you will find more stamina and motivation to continue the process. 


Many fear that the time needed to complete addiction treatment is too extensive and cannot be had due to career responsibilities. Some are afraid to reveal to their supervisor that they struggle with a substance use disorder and need to take the time off to get the proper treatment.

The good news is that many people nowadays are compassionate and considerate when it comes to mental health needs. Additionally, mental health treatment is more frequently seen as being as serious as a physical health condition – this means that there should be little to no complications if you need to take time off to pursue rehab.

If you need further help navigating this obstacle, be sure to speak with the admissions counselor at the treatment center to get further guidance when it comes to taking the needed time off of work. 

Seeking additional motivation to pursue treatment?

High Focus Centers in Georgia is pleased to provide our clients with the utmost care from the beginning of the recovery journey to the end. This includes everything from navigating the initial roadblocks in treatment to the end stages of maintaining sobriety. 

If you are ready to reach out and get the help you need, contact High Focus Centers by calling 866-204-7306 or visiting our contact us online anytime to learn more.

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