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What is the Relationship Between Mental Illness and Substance Use

July 25, 2019|Mental Health, Substance Abuse|

Whether you have experienced it in your own life, or have witnessed it happen in the life of a loved one, you may have noticed that some people who battle a mental illness of some kind also struggle with substance abuse; or vice versa – someone diagnosed with substance abuse struggles with some form of a mental health disorder. While not everyone will be affected by it, individuals who battle substance abuse or a mental illness are occasionally diagnosed with what is called either a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis. This is often a result of the way [...]

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Life Skills You’ll Learn in Addiction Recovery

July 17, 2019|Substance Abuse, Treatment|

Going through substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery programs is more than just finding freedom from substances – it is a way in which you can completely turn your life around, reject the old lifestyle you once pursued and build recovery skills. These life skills are a key component to any recovery program as they provide you with the tools you need to get back into the world with a newfound strength, healthy goals and coping mechanisms that will sustain recovery for the long run. What are recovery skills? Recovery skills are introduced in substance abuse treatment as tools [...]

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The Unique Risk Factors of Substance Use in Women

June 18, 2019|Substance Abuse|

A quick review of substance use statistics clearly reveals an unexpected trend: in many cases, women are more prone to substance use than men. There are many reasons for this, but it illuminates the urgency of seeking treatment for women dealing with these struggles. While there are certain similarities between the risk factors that predispose men and women to developing a substance use disorder, there are unique factors that may cause women to struggle with addiction more. In order to get the help you need, or provide assistance for a struggling family member or friend, it is beneficial to know [...]

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What Is A Co-Occurring Disorder?

June 12, 2019|Mental Health, Substance Abuse|

Overcoming a substance use disorder or mental illness is challenging – overcoming both at the same time is an even more difficult feat. Difficult, but not impossible. Some people seeking treatment for a substance use disorder (SUD) or mental illness are often diagnosed with a co-occurring disease, an SUD and a mental health condition like depression, anxiety or PTSD. While these diagnoses present unique challenges in recovery, the right treatment program can help you manage both sets of symptoms and recover from both disorders simultaneously. Examples of co-occurring disorders Co-occurring disorders, sometimes known as dual diagnosis, co-occur, sometimes as a direct [...]

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Why Are Men At Such A High Risk for Addiction?

May 28, 2019|Substance Abuse|

We know that individuals of both genders are affected by substance use, but we also know that addiction looks different for men and women. Substance use in men tends to start earlier and involves heavier and/or more frequent use. Reviewing the risk factors that primarily apply to men can help us develop new prevention and treatment strategies, as well as help you identify any potential signs or symptoms of unwanted substance use in your life. What are the numbers on male substance use? Several studies have indicated the differences between male and female use of drugs and alcohol. Some of [...]

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How Long-Term Substance Use Impacts the Body & Brain

May 20, 2019|Substance Abuse|

It is a well-known fact that substance abuse negatively impacts one's physical health. But what is not talked about as often is the severe impact substance use has on our brains and mental health as well. In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the effects of certain chemicals on our physical well-being, it's time we also have a conversation about substances and the negative effects those chemicals have on us as well. The consequences of long-term substance use Substance use has both short-term and long-term effects. The short-term effects include what one feels immediately after using a substance, such [...]

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Understanding the Difference Between Experimentation and Addiction

April 25, 2019|Substance Abuse|

When it comes to substance use, it is vital for users and loved ones alike to understand the various stages. Using a substance does not always lead to an addiction. However, overuse, social pressures, and other factors could lead to one becoming physically and psychologically dependent on a drug or substance. These factors are not always obvious and are often mistaken in teens or young adults as being rebellious and acting out. To better understand the difference between experimentation and addiction, one must learn how to recognize the behaviors that lead to them. Learn the Risk Factors Some people try [...]

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How to Find a Substance Abuse Treatment Program to Meet Your Needs

April 23, 2019|Substance Abuse, Treatment|

Deciding to enter an addiction treatment program is a huge step in your recovery. But beginning the process includes researching and finding a treatment program. If you've begun this process, you already know how overwhelming it can be with the number of available treatment centers in the US. Hopefully, to help minimize any stress you may feel, we've narrowed down a few things to keep in consideration – such as location, levels of care and accreditation – to help you find an effective program for drug or alcohol addiction. Not only will the best program provide you the best treatment, [...]

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Non-Health Related Consequences of Drug & Alcohol Abuse

February 26, 2019|Substance Abuse|

It cannot be denied that drug and alcohol addiction presents a number of health complications to those battling addiction. This includes liver and heart problems, gastrointestinal complications and changes in appearance related to weight, skin and hair health, to name a few. But what many people often forget is that addiction has a number of negative consequences on less anticipated areas of one's life, including finances, work and social interactions. Not to mention the impact addiction has on your mental health. When you're struggling with substances, your mental health will take just as severe a hit as your physical wellness. [...]

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6 Myths About Substance Use to Stop Believing

January 2, 2019|Substance Abuse|

Substance abuse and addiction are topics that are often taboo, difficult to discuss or just downright misunderstood. Over the years, as research has emerged and new ways of addressing addiction have developed, the reality of this disorder has been brought to light. However, many of the preconceived notions and taboo images still keep a determined grip on the topic. In order to better understand addiction, and provide help to those experiencing its challenges, it's crucial to be able to tell the difference between what is an addiction myth, and what is a fact. The myths and facts of addiction Increasing [...]